Naked Woman, Allegedly High on Spice, Lays Waste to an Alaska

Nikki Abrell, 35, was arrested for trashing a Subway restaurant in East Anchorage, Alaska. But they could always solve the problems when they perform the right premature ejaculation exercise. Alaska Police Arrest Naked Woman High on Spice Destroyed. Actually, The Simpsons has always had little details like that in their shows.

Police Suspect a Woman Who Got Naked and Decimated a Subway Restaurant Was High on Spice. ANCHORAGE - A woman wearing no clothes destroyed a Subway sandwich restaurant in Anchorage Tuesday night. Nude Alaskan woman on "spice" trashes Subway restaurant.

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A Finnish teen, Julius Kivimaki, was convicted Wednesday of 50,700 computer hacks. Breaks In And Trashes Subway Restaurant arrest after she broke into a Subway restaurant on Tuesday night.

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